MCScap‑E electrode is a point Ag/AgCl sintered electrode for EEG recording with TouchProof 1.5 mm (DIN 42 802‑ST) connector, wire length 120 cm. MCScap‑E electrode is designed for research that requires frequent installation and quick removal of electrodes for cleaning and disinfection. Used with MCScap textile caps with fixing rings. The Ag/AgCl electrode material guarantees minimum polarization and long-term signal stability. MCScap electrodes are made in a plastic case to reduce artifacts during movement. The conductive surface of the MCScap electrodes is not in direct contact with the skin. Contact is provided by a conductive substance. A hole in the electrodes is provided to add a conductive gel. Electrode have additional labeling what makes easy to rearrange them to new textile base. The electrode has TouchProof 1.5 mm (DIN 42 802‑ST) connector.

Eletrodos MCScap E

R$ 98,00Preço
Material of electrode conductive surface Ag/AgCl sintered
Electrode body material polyurethane
Square of electrode conductive surface 4 mm2
Internal diameter of the electrode at the point of contact of the electrode contact substance with the skin 8 mm
Surface area of contact of the electrode substance with the skin 50.2 mm2
Outer diameter of the electrode at the point of contact with the skin 15.8 mm
Distance from the skin to the electrode conductive surface 0.7 mm
The diameter of the hole in the electrode to add gel 2.8 mm
Electrode polarization ≤ 50 mV
Resistance of electrodes insulation ≥ 1000 MΩ
Dielectric strength of electrodes insulation 1500 V
The impedance of the electrode ≤ 5 kΩ
Electrode cable length 120 cm
Connector type TouchProof 1.5 mm (DIN 42 802-ST)
Weight 7 g

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